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Digital Re-Marketing

Online marketers are beginning to realize the cost efficiencies as well as the incredible effectiveness of remarketing. Remarketing is the ability to show specific ads to users based on their previous visit and actions on an advertiser’s site. Remarketing technology was developed over 12 years ago and was originally used by display/banner networks. Users who had visited a website were “tagged” and later shown banner ads as they continued to surf the web. After a few years, technology advanced and we were able to show different display ads to visitors based on their actions on the advertiser’s site. Yahoo and Google have been offering remarketing abilities for a number of years. Most recently, Google launched “remarketing for search ads”, which has changed the value of search advertising forever. For the first time, PPC advertisers can not only focus on what keywords users were searching, but also “who” was doing the search. Search remarketing (SRM) helps advertisers extend the customer segmentation strategy and tactics all the way from the top of the funnel visitors to the bottom of funnel visitors. Today, basic remarketing programs use remarketing to stay top of mind, while advanced advertisers use it for cross-device or cross-channel prospecting and customer relationship management.

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