571 Game Labs  

571 Game Labs was carved out of Runes Media in early 2011. It’s purpose was creating cutting edge Game Designs for the Modern Gamer. From our Design Studios in the Pacific Northwest, we have a number of new Game Titles coming soon. The Origin: Flashback to the early 1980’s and that’s where the story begins. Game Designers David Schick & Dave Krabal hadn’t met just yet, but they both had quite the vigor for Gaming. By the mid 80’s, Video Games started to erode the Market for Role Playing Games and Boardgames in general. By the time the two had met in the late 80’s, the Market had been all but completely destroyed by the Videogame revolution. However, that did not stop the pair from playing many of the great titles from all the great game publishers during the next 10 years. Developing a bond for Gaming and the lifestyle that surrounded it. They played many titles that would eventually, all but extinct, if it was not for the rabid fans of Gaming that preserved the spirit of the past time. The Tin Soldier was an iconic game and hobby shop started in the 1970’s in Dayton Ohio. Over the years it was a hub of game activity in the region and fostered the beginnings of many game developers, sculptors, and rules designers. The store closed down in 1999 after the owner died. Being an avid gamer and patron of the store since his childhood, Dave Krabal decided to re-open the Tin Soldier in a different location but maintain the focus of the original store; Role Playing games, Miniature Games, and Board Games. Eventually the economy and changing demographics forced Dave to close the Tin Soldier, but he does remained active in the game industry as a consultant, painter and sculptor . Dave Krabal’s area of interest was mainly historical miniature gaming and rules development until 2014, when 571 Game Labs asked him to help design upcoming game titles. Visit!

Runes Media Interactive

We are an interactive media design company that creates graphics and animations for our various media outlets and electronic devices, such as a cellphone apps, a web-based computer games, or interactive websites. Our professionals in this field usually have completed coursework in these programs might include subjects like animation and website development. This process may entail conducting research and meeting with clients and creative directors to establish a project's foci. Designers choose the aesthetic elements, such as size, artwork, images, animation, and font, and construct the designs using layout and animation software. They then present the final designs to the clients or directors for approval. We specialize in creating art that appeals to the individual. It is not just about presenting a product the right way; it is about presenting it in a way that people believe and trust in completely; it is about standing out; it is simply about making art above anything else. Runes Media Interactive is still in development and will be releasing new titles very soon.

Runes Media Productions

Our creative approach for every production is a dynamic collaboration in visual storytelling. Each project consists of treatment (script), when finalized, we use this document as a blueprint to begin the detailed pre-production process. We focus on crucial project elements such as set design, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, music and overall dynamic visual style. Our team storyboards the concept, obsesses over details, we make sure we are 100% ready to execute the concept for our clients. Consistently working with 4k, 5k and 6k media files, our commercial and brand video productions are always high resolution. Our capabilities during the post-production process allow us to handle the heaviest workflows which include offline and online picture editing, professional color grading, visual effects, original composition, and sound mixing. Our commercial production team is guaranteed to go the extra mile to get the perfect results for our clients. Staying on the forefront of technology allows our commercial and branded video production company to utilize the most advanced tools in the industry. We incorporate our in-depth knowledge of modern techniques into our professional commercial and brand video productions.